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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Vending Machines In Japan!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Liv N' Luv Japan! I want to talk about something that I have dying to try someday in Japan which is their vending machines! Why do the Japanese get all the good stuff?! Vending machines in Japan are very popular and Japan haves the most vending machines in the world! They have more than a total of 5.5 million vending machines and only around 2.56 million of them are beverage vending machines.

The reasons why I always thought that the vending machines in Japan are interesting is because they not only sell beverages but also many random things that you wouldn't ever think of to be sold in a vending machine such as hot soup, traditional shrine charms, newspapers, magazine, novels, fruit, vegetables, sweets, bread, even underwear!!!

                                                       food sold in vending machines

                                                       a large variety of different beverages

Also, many vending machines in Japan are having where if you stand in front of the vending machine, it can detect your age and gender and also your body temperature to determine what item you should buy! For example, let's say there was a male in his thirties during the morning in the winter time. The machine may recommend him a certain type of hot tea, corn soup, etc.

There are many brand new types of vending machines where it has more of a sophisticated look and way of working with it such as a touch where it's like your operating a giant smartphone. Also, after purchasing an item, most vending machines will display a slot machines where buyers can have a chance to win another drink for free. It will also display the weather and temperature making it helpful to people who are passing by the machines as well.

Over about 980 thousand Japanese coffee vending machines have an app you can download where you have there is a "virtual store manager". Some people like it better when they buy things from a store mostly because they like the "warmth" of dealing with people instead of a machine all the time. So, when you download the app and register a vending machine you frequently visit, you will receive messages and special videos such as, "good job on your work today"!

That's is all I can say about the vending machines in Japan! They are just the best of the best! And I can't wait till I go to Japan someday and actually get to use their vending machines! In my opinion, I feel that the Japanese are really creative and very intelligent people to come up with something so amazing that it doesn't seem real! I like how they take something that people use almost every day of their lives and make it more easy to use, made it really fun, making it more modern, etc. To be honest, I don't think I would've ever thought of it!

Let me guys know your opinions on the vending machines in Japan and if you have any questions as well, feel free to comment on this article below! ^_^