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Friday, August 8, 2014

Ameba Pigg

Hello everyone! Welcome to Liv N' Luv Japan! Now, I love anything and everything that has to do with virtual worlds and social media and I found a Japanese site that can has both! It's very popular in Japan and it deals with both social networking and virtual world game play.

It is called Ameba Pigg! To visit the site please CLICK HERE.

It is really fun and enjoyable! But, if you want to enjoy it fully then you are going to have to have a good level of the Japanese language. My Japanese is good but not great. Like I said before, I suck at reading Japanese because I don't know kanji except for the basics. But, I understand it by a little and I really liked the game itself and I wish I could use the social networks part of the site but, I can't understand the controls of it because of my Japanese. T_T

There used to be an English version of this site called Ameba Pico. I would used that site almost 24/7! I am obsessed with Ameba Pico. I would make tons of friends, play lots and lots of minigames, earn virtual money, shop for clothes and furniture. It was amazing but, after a while, Ameba Pico had been shut down like I don't know why exactly but there is no longer an Ameba Pico. I hope that someday though that Ameba Pico will be back on the internet someday soon.

Also about Ameba Pigg, I saw on YouTube videos that the Japanese would post that look much like commercials which may be a commercial in Japan, of the Japanese playing and enjoying Ameba Pigg. Here is a video I have founded. To see the video please CLICK HERE. (I cannot get the video on Liv N' Luv Japan so I used the link.)

Well, there is not much I can say now about Ameba Pigg but for you guys that are interested in this then I suggest you to give it a try! I am also planning to give this site another chance and hoping that I can use it right even though my Japanese is not too good to actually understand the game fully. ^_^;; See you guys soon!!