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Monday, August 18, 2014

Follow Liv N' Luv Japan On Twitter!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Liv N' Luv Japan! I have some very exciting news! I have made a Twitter account just for Liv N' Luv Japan! And for you guys who love my reading my blog and love Japan, you should follow Liv N' Luv Japan @LivNLuvJP !

I also have been wanting a Twitter Feed on my blog which I have been dying for! I always wanted one for my blog to spice my blog up and also to be able to communicate with others that are following and read my blog. I want more communication on my blog because I want to be able to socialize with my readers and to know there ideas and to be able to know what they would like to see on my blog, what they think about my articles, or just to give a shoutout!

I would love to have more communication on my blog because I think that would make my blog more of a blog. So, the things I will be posting on Liv N' Luv Japan Twitter is mostly to notify new articles that have been posted, maybe some pictures that I've taken that relates to anything Japanese, to socialize with other people who love Japan, etc!! Anything that you guys want!! ^_^

So please for the people who are reading this and that haves a Twitter account, follow Liv N' Luv Japan on Twitter: @LivNLuvJP

I would be really grateful and happy for that! ^_^