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Thursday, August 3, 2017



How did PPAP came to be?

Daimaou Kosaka, a comedian and recording artist who portrayed the character in PPAP named Pikotaro, was sitting at home one day, with a pen in hand, coming up with lyrics for a song. While brainstorming he thought about his background such as how he lives in a region that's known for producing apples, the Aomori Prefecture. Nearby him, he had a can of!!!

It took around $1,000 to make the music video for PPAP. The video was launched on YouTube August 25th, 2016 and became viral because of it's silly lyrics, catchy beat, and funky and crazy randomness. 

PPAP has been claimed as the new Gangnam Style and has been on Japan Hot 100 charts at number one.

I wonder what else will await the internet from Pikotaro! Feel free to leave a comment down below on your opinions on PPAP! 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Halloween in Japan!

                                     BOO! It's almost that time of year again! HALLOWEEN! 

While Halloween is of course popular in Japan, many Japanese citizens disapprove of this holiday. Why you may ask? Well, many would find it disturbing to aboard a train full of crazy, maybe even horrifying strangers. Many even go all out about Halloween such as already celebrating on the first day of Halloween, even throughout Halloween. 

Many Japanese citizens want to get rid of the holiday, but it's such a difficult thing to do when it is a fun tradition and many people support it by buying products from many retailers which makes business boom. Every year Halloween for Japan (and also around the world) gets wilder and wilder. The madness will never end. Honestly, Japan does it better than anyone else (which is to be expected from such an awesome exotic country)!

Well, I wanted to keep this post short and sweet! I hope you guys will have a great Halloween this year! Sorry for the long hiatus. I have made the decision to quit posting on this blog to do something bigger and better. I currently now blog about books, writing, etc. and I also write my own books. I will post sometimes on Liv N' Luv Japan to keep it alive, but it won't be as often. Sorry.

Anyways, thank you for reading and stay tuned! ^_^

Thursday, May 21, 2015

J-Fashion: Fairy Kei

Hello everyone! Welcome to Liv N' Luv Japan! Today, I wanna touch up on some more Japanese fashion which out of all pop culture things I do, unfortunately fashion isn't something I usually write about. Now, I'm not much of a girly girl but I gotta say I LOVE fairy kei fashion and I love the pastel blues and pinks and purples and all that kawaii stuff.

It reminds me a lot of lolita style but there is just something about fairy kei that's different. Maybe more colors other than pink? Majority pastel colors? I don't know but I love it and I wanna show you guys some pictures of fairy kei style!

    (This one is probably my favorite and one that I would totally wear any day and everyday!)

                                                                  (super duper kawaii)

                                                               (where can I buy these?!)

Yes! These are the three that I love the most and would definitely wear! I wanna know your opinion on fairy kei style! Love it?! Hate it?! EH?! Let me know in the comment section below, on Google+, or Twitter @LivNLuvJP

Ja, mata ne!! ^_^

J-POP: C-ute - The Middle Management (女性中間管理職)

Hello everyone! Welcome to Liv N' Luv Japan! Today, I'm going to start back up showing you guys some of the latest and some of my favorite J-POP songs and MV. Today, this one is the latest and one of my favorite J-POP songs so far which is by C-ute called The Middle Management (女性中間管理職) 

                                          C-ute - The Middle Management (女性中間管理職)

Monday, May 18, 2015

AKB48 Minami Minegishi Demoted and Apologizes

Hello everyone! Welcome to Liv N' Luv Japan! Today, I want to talk about something that I just found out over the weekend which this is kinda old news since it happened like a year or two ago but it is really interested but saddening.

If you're a fan of AKB48 and J-POP then majority of you already knew about this, but member of AKB48 Minami Minegishi is was a 20 year old woman at the time got caught at a guy house from a J-POP boy band and who she was supposedly secretly dating.

Now, what I didn't know was that there was a no dating policy and you actually sign a contract saying that you will not date anyone while a member of AKB48. In my opinion that's pretty stupid I mean like you have a group full of teenage girls and young women and you expect them not to date?! STUPID.

But the reason is that they want the girls to show purity and show that they are always "available". At a little point, I understand why they would demote Minami Minegishi. I mean she did sign the contract saying that she WOULDN'T date but....seriously?!

For those of you who don't know Minami Minegishi, this is her.

Once a weekly magazine founded out about her staying at this guy house it was then published and spread across Japan and other parts of the world through the internet. She started freaking out and raged and shaved her hair and then made a apology video saying to her fans that she was so sorry for bringing them down and everything and hope that they would forgive her and that what she did was wrong and she knew it was wrong in the first place and she hope that she will still be part of AKB48.

This is the apology video:

To me this is just really sad :(

Well this is the end of this article for today and I was really hyper about posting this because this really was interesting and made me want to do lots of research on it which I did. But everything is all good with her now. I don't know if she is still part of AKB48 or not but I'm pretty sure she is doing better stuff. :)

Let me know your opinions about this in the comment section below or on Twitter @LivNLuvJP

Thank you!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Top 5 J-POP YouTube Dancers!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Liv N' Luv Japan! I'm really obsessed with Japanese pop culture and one of things I like the most is J-POP dance covers!! So today I thought I should show you guys my top 5 favorite J-POP YouTube dancers!!

1. AMU

This J-POP dancer is amazing and I just love watching her videos because her videos fill me with happiness and joy and sometimes I wish that I could dance as well as her if I had all that spirit and energy that she has! XD Here is a dance video from her YouTube channel:

2. KimonoTime

This is Kelsey Ellison who is a British girl who is known for her J-POP dancing and goes by her stage name "KimonoTime". I remember when I first started watching her YouTube channel and I watched my very first dance video from her called "Bad Apple" after that I just watched all of her videos in almost a week! I will show you guys one of her dance videos:

3. Hima

This is Hima and she is a Japanese girl who is 13 years old and also uploads J-POP dance covers! She is really popular among J-POP dancers and you will love all of her videos! You just can't get enough of her kawaii-ness~!!! ^^ Also, here is a fact that is really cool to and Hima both have the same birthdays!! ^^ Our birthdays are both on April 16th! Now, here is a video from her which is her latest video right now:

4. Kozue Aikawa

Kozue Aikawa is a professional Japanese J-POP dancer. She used to be part of Danceroid. She also haves her own YouTube channel where she post videos of dance covers. She doesn't upload videos like she used to anymore but I'm not saying that she quit dancing!! That would be crazy!! I did an article on her on Liv N' Luv Japan so check it out! Also here is a video from her YouTube channel:

5.  Melochin

Last but not least there is Japanese J-POP dancer Melochin! He usually does dance covers with his friends Ry & Miume! He is one of my favorite male J-POP dancers. To me in my opinion, he is kawaii and has great style and dancing skills.

Well, this is the end of this article!! I will probably be posting one more later on in the afternoon. ^_^

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Hello everyone! Welcome to Liv N' Luv Japan! I just thought I should post something that is a little random but super KAWAII that I love so much but then again don't know much about. Most of us who are interested in Japanese pop culture and those of us who are obsessed with everything and anything kawaii and fellow otakus as well should all know Rilakkuma!!

Name: Rilakkuma

Favorite Foods:

  • Dango
  • Pancakes
  • Omurice
  • Custard Pudding
  • Grapes

  • Relaxing 
  • Sleeping
  • Lying around
  • Watching television
  • Listening to music
  • Soaking in hot springs
(Me and Rilakkuma are like twins! XD)

There is a little story behind this cute adorable kawaii bear and I shall tell!! ^_^

The story for Rilakkuma's being is that he mysteriously appears in the female office lady Kaoru's apartment one day. He is a soft toy bear who has apparently decided to take up residence there. On his back is a zipper which when opened reveals a light blue polka dot pattern material. The reason for the zipper on his back is unknown. 


You can find lots of materials, clothing, toys, accessories, etc with Rilakkuma on it!

                                                                         (bento box)


Well thank you guys!! This was just a random but cute little post I wanted to do because I don't want to be inactive on Liv N' Luv Japan. I will be back soon with more exciting articles!! ^_^

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

AKB48 Member Gives Birth To Her 1st Child

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Liv N' Luv Japan! This is really surprising to me as an AKB48 fan. I don't know all the members in the group except for very few but I was really shocked that on TokyoHive I found out that one of the members, Kikuchi Ayaka is married and gave birth on April 30th at 5:31 AM to a healthy baby boy!!

                                                     (Kikuchi Ayaka with her newborn baby)

Here is what Kikuchi Ayaka shared: "The labor was very painful. But that went away instantly when he was born!! He's so cute that my husband and I are fawning over him. I will give him a lot of love and do my best with child-rearing!!"


Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Hello everyone! Welcome to Liv N' Luv Japan! I know it has been 4 months since that last time I posted an article for you guys. Like I said before, I am busy with school. But, I currently don't have my laptop to be able to work on it like I used too. Sad face!

So, what is a tamagotchi?!

                                                                   (1996 tamagotchi)

A tamagotchi is a virtual pet! You take care of these little creatures from an far far far away planet who needs to be fed, played with, nurtured, etc!! Tamagotchi does have a meaning! The "tamago" part of tamagotchi means "egg" in Japanese. And the "tch" part comes from part of the English word "watch".

Tamagotchi was in stores in 1996. It was a very popular 90s toy and it was popular among boys and girls and everyone of all ages. Tamagotchis are not as popular as they were before but new versions of tamagotchis are still being made. They are made and sold by Bandai.

Now, time for my opinion! I absolutely LOVE tamagotchis!! I used to have a couple of tamagotchis before when I was younger but I also lose them after a while and I don't know why! I currently do have a tamagotchi which is the newest version which is called "Tamagotchi Friends"!

                                                              (Tamagotchi Friends)

It brings back memories having a tamagotchi!! One thing that I am very jealous of is the fact that in Japan they actually have colored LED screen tamagotchis!! And that was always a thought I had years ago, "What if someday there might be a colorful tamagotchi?". I do like the black and grey screen because it's like the originals but, I would love to have a more modern looking tamagotchi. Here is one that really got my attention and it's called "Tamagotchi 4U".

                                                                  (Tamagotchi 4U)

My favorite tamagotchi character would have to be Kuromametchi because he is just cute and adorable and I just love his style!! (^_^)

Well, that's about it I can say about tamagotchis!! I don't to make this article long and borning and me just ranting and geek-ing out about tamagotchis, but I will be posting another article soon hopefully!!

How many tamagotchis have you have had before?!
If you never had a tamagotchi, would you want one?!
Who is your favorite tamagotchi character?!

BYE! MATA NE!! (^_^)

Monday, December 8, 2014

Interview with NikkiHatsune

Hello everyone! Welcome to Liv N' Luv Japan! Today, this article is going to be a very special article because this is something that many of you were waiting for! This is Liv N' Luv Japan's very first interview and this interview is with NikkiHatsune~!! (^_^)

Here is a little bit about NikkiHatsune. NikkiHatsune is just her stage name, her nickname is Nikki but, her actual name is Nikola. She is a 16 year old girl from Slovakia who is a rising star on YouTube and NicoNicoDouga. She oftens uploads dance covers to YouTube and NND. The dances she covers are J-POP and Vocaloid songs! You can obviously tell that she is a huge fan of the vocaloid Hatsune Miku and J-POP singer KyaryPamyuPamyu! You can also tell from her social media such as her YouTube channel, Google+, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook that she loves chatting and interacting with her fans! Now...let's get straight to the interview!:

Liv N' Luv Japan: When and what interested you in Japanese culture?

NikkiHatsune: I've been interested in Japanese culture since I was a little kid. I used to dress up as a geisha when I was 5. Haha! But, I got more into it through anime when I was 9.

Liv N' Luv Japan: What inspired you to dance? Is dancing something you want to do as a lifelong career?

NikkiHatsune: A well known dancer, Aikawa Kozue did! I love the way she dances and spread smiles all over the world. I'd never thought of dancing if not for her. And no, not really. I want to keep it only as a hobby since I can't imagine doing it professionally.

Liv N' Luv Japan: Do your friends and family support you with your hobby of dancing? If so, how?

NikkiHatsune: I consider myself very lucky, because they all do. My friends always go filming with me and even take photos of places where I could dance, which is really lovely! And as for my family...umm let's say they are proud of me, which has caused some awkward family meetings where everyone watched my videos. Well, they weren't really awkward but I felt incredibly awkward!

Liv N' Luv Japan: What are some challenges that you had come across when you first started dancing?

NikkiHatsune: Since I hadn’t danced before starting on YouTube, pretty much everything was a challenge. Mostly sloppy moves though! It took a lot of time to get rid of them but I’m happy to see some improvement now. Also energy, I used to dance like a zombie (same goes for my expressions).

Liv N' Luv Japan: Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

NikkiHatsune: Hopefully somewhere abroad... and doing something artsy! I’d like to try to live either in Japan, Ireland or England (at least for few years).

Liv N' Luv Japan: What musical artists has had the most impact on you?

NikkiHatsune: I’d say Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Perfume and H!P groups like Morning Musume!

                           ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Thank you guys so much for checking out my very first interview! I also want to thank Nikola for taking out her time to let me interview her. We have tried this once over Facebook but because of my bad connection during the time we couldn't finish and never really started. I was going to wait to post this until the beginning of 2015 or it was going to be post on the first of December but I have gotten so excited about this post, I wanted to publish it today! Plus, I know that I haven't being posting like I should lately and I currently I don't have my laptop on me so that makes it even harder! >.<

But I want to thank everyone and I hope that you guys will enjoy Liv N' Luv Japan very first interview!! ^_^

Twitter: @LivNLuvJP

Monday, November 17, 2014

MUSIC: C-ute - I miss you (Promotional Ver.)

Hello everyone! I know I haven't done this in a long time by showing you guys J-POP music videos that you guys should check out hahaha! And the reason why I do this is because I want to show people who don't know about J-POP or any artists or any good songs to listen to so I post them up here sometimes for people who often read my blog Liv N' Luv Japan.

So, today I decided I should post C-ute latest song "I miss you" but this video is the promotional version. So, for those of you who don't know the J-POP group C-ute or just feel like listening to J-POP songs you haven't listen to then I recommend this song because I'm listening to this song right now and I'm really into it! (^^)

                                               C-ute - "I miss you" (Promotional Ver.)

Friday, November 14, 2014

11/14/14 Liv N' Luv Japan Announcement

Hello everyone! Welcome to Liv N' Luv Japan! I have an announcement I would like to make. This is going to be normal that I'm not going to be able to post often. Between school, studying, friends, and family...I'm not going to have very much time to devote to my blog. But, that doesn't mean I have stop posting, or thinking about you guys wanting to read more post from me!! Lately, I have been interviewing NikkiHatsune early this November and things are going great as planned!

So, you guys will be seeing the interview soon either during the start of the month of December or either the beginning of 2015. (^_^) I have also been thinking about new things to post for Liv N' Luv Japan because sometimes it can be really difficult trying to figure out what to post and making it interesting and try to make it not look like I was being lazy. xD

Well, this post was just to let you guys know that I am not gone or dead!!!! I have just been extremely busy in reality. But, keep checking in to Liv N' Luv Japan because there shall be a post coming soon like maybe on Saturday depending if I will be at the library first thing in the morning to post. So, let me know what you guys would like to see on Liv N' Luv Japan so you guys can be satisfied with what you're reading! SAYONARA~!! (^_^)


Twitter: @LivNLuvJP

Saturday, October 18, 2014

My Top 5 Blogs About Japan

Hello everyone! Welcome to Liv N' Luv Japan! It's been a while since I have posted a new article. I wanted to make sure that this blog stays fresh with new articles often so I came up with telling you guys my top 5 favorite blogs about Japan! ^_^

1. JapanBlogList

JapanBlogList is one of my favorite blogs because it's a blog with other blogs about Japan so it makes it really easy to find really good blogs that are Japan based. And the blog is really organized into different categories such as like you have your 'Japan-Related' blogs (which are my favorite), you have your blogs that a native Japanese person writes and post things that are Japan related and you have blogs by foreigners of Japan that are living there and writing about things that are Japan-Related. Also, I have dealt with the owner of this blog as well and his name is Jon Allen and he has submitted my blog onto his blog! Because of him, my blog is becoming more well known and scoring more views! Thanks Jon Allen!! Make sure you guys really check out his blog and follow on Twitter: @JapanBlogList

2. The Rising Sky

I really love this blog! It's so amazing and it has everything that you can think about such as Japan's traditional and pop culture such as it tells you about the country, this blog helps teach you the language and it has things about Japanese celebrities, J-Pop, Anime, etc!! And if you actually go to the site, the website design is so beautiful that it just makes you want to sit there and take your time exploring the site and read every single article. And you can find The Rising Sky on almost every type of social media. The blog is very organized and very modern. I highly recommend for you guys to check out this blog because you will love it as much as you love Liv N' Luv Japan!

3. 1000 Things About Japan

I really haven't done much reading on the blog "1000 Things About Japan" but, I think that it is a really great blog because it's about a foreigner in Japan and talking about their experiences and things you probably assumed about Japan. I think it's really interesting because the story articles are really interesting. I would recommend it if you're interested in knowing about travelling as a foreigner to Japan and get their point of view.

4. Tofugu

Now, Tofugu is an epic amazing and awesome blog! ^_^ And I also think that this blog is one of the most popular blogs about Japanese culture, language, music, foods, etc.! Also, Tofugu also haves a YouTube channel. His blog is one of my most favorite blogs and just reading his blogs and watching his videos really motivates me to do better for my own blog! ^_^ I highly recommend you to check out his blog!

5. - A Geek In Japan

Now, I don't know much about this blog but I just started reading about it today and I think that they post really interesting things and have so many articles and topics! I find that the way they have their blog set up is outstanding and they must be racking in tons of views! What's similar between Kirai and Liv N' Luv Japan is that both blogs post tons of things about Japanese pop culture more than anything else! ^_^ So I recommend it if you also enjoy Liv N' Luv Japan.

Well, that is it for this post for today! I tried to post something up for you guys because I know I haven't posted in such a long time and I thought maybe if I give you guys a list of my favorite blogs would be a nice and decent post. Also, I want to make an announcement that I will be doing the interview with NikkiHatsune and will post it on Liv N' Luv Japan soon! I will make sure that it will be posted before year 2015! ^_^

If you have any suggestions for what more you would like to see on Liv N' Luv Japan:

Twitter: @LivNLuvJP

Thank you guys for reading! ^_^

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Support Liv N' Luv Japan With Artwork!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Liv N' Luv Japan! I know I haven't been posting in a while but that is because I have been so busy at school and I haven't had my laptop in two months now! So, I am just posting this because it is almost the end of the year of 2014 and Liv N' Luv Japan has finally reached more than 10,000+ views. So, I decided that we should support Liv N' Luv Japan by making our own artwork to represent it! Here is mine:

I'm so happy that my dad helped me by letting me use his phone so I can take a picture of my artwork! Here is my artwork that I had drawn to represent Liv N' Luv Japan! And I got the color ideas from my template which, would probably be changed by the year 2015 once I learn more about templates and designs so I can edit one of my own. So, this is what I would like you guys to do and I hope that many of you guys that are reading this now will participate!!!

I want you guys to draw a picture that represents Liv N' Luv Japan and you can take a picture of it with your phone, a camera, webcam, whatever you can use and send it to !! Once I notice that I have many that are being submitted, I will post all of your amazing drawings on Liv N' Luv Japan and it will also be used on Liv N' Luv Japan Twitter (@LivNLuvJP) and Liv N' Luv Japan Facebook page!!!

I am so excited that I actually get to do this because this was something I planned to do months and months ago!! Hopefully, it will be successful if everyone who reads my blog participates and maybe if I get many sent in then I will put all the pictures of the artwork together and make them a collage and that will be our new template for 2015!! Also I think I will make the deadline December 28th! I want to have a chance to write an article and show you guys artwork before the end of the year. ^_^

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Hello everyone! Welcome to Liv N' Luv Japan! I have some very exciting news for you guys and I will also introduce you to a very creative and amazing blog! I shall start from the beginning! A month ago or more I went on Google to check out other blogs that are Japan-related to give myself ideas and motivate myself to work on my blog more. Soon, I ran across a blog called JapanBlogList. I thought it was very interesting because it's a blog with about blogs that are Japan-related. Such as you can have a blog and you're a foreigner in Japan or you can be a Japanese person in Japan that blogs about Japan, etc. (Liv N' Luv Japan is Japan-related.)


Soon, I realized that you can submit your blog by sending an email with your blog name, URL, and category. I sent it out a month ago like, the middle of August. I was really unsure and doubting myself that my blog would be accepted . Soon, I was so focused in school that I forgot I even submitted my blog! The only reason why I remembered was because of when I was check Liv N' Luv Japan Twitter, I happened to notice JapanBlogList followed me, then it all came to me. So, I was rushing to check my email and soon I realized I have been accepted!!! Here is the email that have been sent:

Hi Keyatta

Welcome to the JapanBlogList.  Thank you for your submission,
your blog has now been added.

I rarely provide any comments to the bloggers that submit their blogs, 
but after I read some of your blog entries I thought I'd offer a little encouragement 
and advice. 

I first started my own blog about eight years ago when blogging was way 
more popular than in it is now.
As you have discovered it takes a huge amount of time and effort 
to build up and maintain a blog.I admire your determination and
you have obviously done a great job to build up the content
and followers. 

A good way to build up more followers is to have a blog roll on your blog of other blogs you read. 
Follow other bloggers, comment on their blogs, and do posts that include
links back other people's blogs. It builds up a community spirit and increases 
the chances of reaching more potential readers. 
Check out some of the other blogs from my list with similar interests and see what
they are talking about and join in. 

I have been maintaining this list for over four years now, the number of new
blogs being submitted has been slowly declining ever since then. 
I used to have 15 to 20 new blogs submitted every month. 
Now it's less than one per week. ( I have literally had 4 submissions this month) . 

So good job, keep up the good work and wish you luck with your ambition. 

We welcome a link back to the site :
if it's not too much trouble.


Jon Allen
follow us on twitter:

I was so happy when I realized that Liv N' Luv Japan was submitted. I submitted Liv N' Luv Japan because I wanted my blog to be out there with all the other blogs that are very successful and I wanted more people to check out my blog and notice it and appreciate all the hard work that I have been putting into it. And I was so happy when I read this that I actually printed myself a copy! So, the reason why I am posting this on Liv N' Luv Japan because I wanted you guys to see all the hard work I have been doing and I wanted to support JapanBlogList and show them that I really appreciate for what they have done and how they helped Liv N' Luv Japan by a lot!! ^_^

So thank you guys for reading this article! Don't forget to follow and tweet to @LivNLuvJP and make sure you also follow and tweet to JapanBlogList to @JapanBlogList! Also make sure you guys email me at! ^_^

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Celebrities: Kawase Tomoko (川瀬 智子)

Hello everyone! Welcome to Liv N' Luv Japan! Like I told you guys before on my article on the article about "Tommy heavenly6", I was going to do a celebrity category on Tomoko Kawase!! ^_^

                                  Name: Kawase Tomoko (married name: Okuda Tomoko)
                                    Stage Name(s): Tommy february6, Tommy heavenly6
                                                            Nickname: Tommy
                                                    Birthday: February 6th, 1975
                                                              Blood Type: B
                                                              Height: 161cm
                                                    Hometown: Kyoto, Japan

Now, time for some detailed information about Kawase Tomoko! Kawase Tomoko was originally the lead vocalist and lyricist of an alternative rock band called "The Brilliant Green". She was asked to join the band in 1995 after her now husband, Okuda Shunsaku, and Matsui Ryo heard her sing when she took part in a karaoke contest. And as the band's lyricist, she wrote songs and sung them in both Japanese and English. And in her videos, she speaks really great and clear English and she isn't even a native English speaker. Since the indefinite hiatus of "The Brilliant Green" she started doing more soloist music on her own so she came up with "Tommy february6" and "Tommy heavenly6".

And other than music, she is involved in other things as well.She writes songs for other singers. And she also once lent her voice to an anime called Piroppo as a character named Pikki. She also modeled for an Italian fashion house, Fiorucci, and for some time she hosted "Break Down", a show on MTV Japan.

She is also known for having an obsession with "Elmo", the red Sesame Street Muppet, Harry Potter, and more recently Pikachu from the anime Pokemon!

Now, more about "Tommy february6"!  Kawase Tomoko began developing the character of february6 way before her debut. The february6 persona is known for her geeky looks, theme of cheerleaders, strange habits, her librarian-esque glasses, and her innocent personality (portrayed in her lyrics)!! The name itself was inspired by her birthday.

Here is a song from "Tommy february6":


Now, about "Tommy heavenly6" which many of you that read my blog probably read an article about it before! Now, Tommy heavenly6 is meant to be the dark side and the alter-ego of Tommy february6. This one is released under "heavenly6". It is pop rock based and features Tommy as a more sophisticated and a classy person. Tommy heavenly6 is obessed with her image, and almost parodies modern culture in a way. Her persona loves reality shows, alcohol, and junk food.

That is also all what I have to say about Tommy heavenly6 so now I will show you guys a song from Tommy heavenly6:

                                                             CAN YOU HEAR ME?

And before I end this article, here is her in the alternative rock band "The Brilliant Green"!!

                                           THE BRILLIANT GREEN - A LITTLE WORLD

Well, that is all I have to write about on Kawase Tomoko! Thank you guys for reading! I will make sure to post more and more! ^_^ Thank you! And don't forget to comment and follow and tweet @LivNLuvJP and email me at !! ^_^

Anime: Beyond the Boundary (境界の彼方)

Hello everyone! Welcome to Liv N' Luv Japan! A couple of weeks ago, I read an article in Otaku USA magazine about an anime called "Beyond the Boundary". Then, I was really interested in watching the anime so today, I have watched the first full episode of Beyond the Boundary and so far I really like it! ^_^ So, I decided that I should go ahead and write my own review about it!!

The genres of Beyond the Boundary are Urban Fantasy, Supernatural, and Action/Adventure. It is an anime and a light novel. The anime is quite new since it aired in Japan between October and December 2013. So far, it only has 12 episodes but, it will soon have a season 2. The main characters are Akihito Kanbara, Mirai Kuriyama, and Mitsuki Nase.

                                                              AKIHITO KANBARA
                                                                 Race: Half-Youmu
                                                                   Gender: Male
                                                                     Sign: Libra
                                                             Birthday: October 7th
                                                                        Age: 16
                                                                   Blood Type: A
                                                              Height: 171cm (5'7")
                                   Occupation: Sophomore & Literary Club Vice President

                                                               MIRAI KURIYAMA
                                                         Race: Spirit World Warrior
                                                                Gender: Female
                                                                   Sign: Aries
                                                            Birthday: March 31st
                                                                       Age: 15
                                                                 Blood Type: O
                                                             Height: 152cm (5'0")
                                                          Occupation: Freshman

                                                                   MITSUKI NASE
                                                            Race: Spirit World Warrior
                                                                     Gender: Female
                                                                      Sign: Scorpio
                                                              Birthday: November 1st
                                                                           Age: 16
                                                                   Blood Type: AB
                                                                 Height: 165cm (5'5")
                                         Occupation: Sophomore & Literary Club President

Now, since you guys know a lot more about the main characters, I will tell you guys the main story or you can say plot. It all started in episode 1 when Akihito Kanbara went to go save his friend Mirai Kuriyama from committing suicide. Then soon, she stabbed Akihito with a sword formed from her blood!! Soon, she was shocked that Akihito was immortal and a half-youmu. Soon, Akihito learns that Mirai Kuriyama is a Spirit World Warrior which is a person who protects humans from being affected by youmu. Mirai Kuriyama is also the last survivor of her spirit clan. Soon, Akihito learns the truth of why Mirai Kuriyama keeps stabbing him and trying to kill him and turns out because Akihito is immortal, she uses him for practice! (O.o);;;

That is all I am going to say about the anime "Beyond the Boundary". I don't want to give out too much that I might spoil it for you guys. But, I did experience watching this anime and like I said I am enjoying it so far. And if you a fan of supernatural anime then you will surely love this one. Also, I think that this anime should also count as a comedy because it is very funny to me~!! ^_^

Now, I will show you guys the opening and ending of Beyond the Boundary to get you guys excited about watching it~!!

                                              BEYOND THE BOUNDARY OPENING

                                                BEYOND THE BOUNDARY ENDING

Well, that is all I have to say about "Beyond the Boundary"! I hope you guys make the decision to check it out and watch it! It is available to watch with English sub on YouTube and Crunchyroll! And if you have any questions, comments, requests, etc please comment below and/or email me at and don't forget to follow and tweet @LivNLuvJP !! ^_^

Otaku USA

Hello everyone! Welcome to Liv N' Luv Japan! Today, I want to talk about this popular magazine that is sold in the USA called "Otaku USA".

                          (This is the magazine issue I have that I have bought in April of 2014)

Otaku USA is a bi-monthly magazine that otaku people would really love! It features everything from anime, manga, J-pop, J-Nerd lifestyle, convention dates, cosplay, video games, reviews,  etc!! Honestly in my opinion, I love this magazine and I wish I could purchase every upcoming magazine! And I have started to get some of my ideas from Otaku USA. It also help me keep up what is new and trending in the otaku world! ^_^

It's a pretty new magazine if you heard that this magazine started in August in the year of 2007. They also have there own official website for you guys are interested in checking it out:
or you can just CLICK HERE.

But, there is not much I can really talk about about this magazine except for the fact that it is totally awesome and I highly recommend for you otakus to start purchasing these magazines!! I'm not sure if they sell it in other countries but, in the USA, they sell it for about $5-$6 dollars! ^_^ Pretty cheap for such an amazing magazine with so much content!!

Well that is all I have to say about Otaku USA Magazine! Please let me know you guys opinion on it by commenting below or tweeting @LivNLuvJP !! ^_^

J-POP: Juice=Juice - Stretching to be a Grown Up

Hello everyone! Welcome to Liv N' Luv Japan! Here is Juice=Juice latest single "Stretching to be a Grown Up"!

                                                     "Stretching to be a Grown Up"

Let me know your guys opinions about their new song by commenting below and/or tweeting Liv N' Luv Japan @LivNLuvJP !! ^_^

Music: Tommy heavenly6

Hello everyone! Welcome to Liv N' Luv Japan! It's been a while since I have posted articles. I have been so busy with school lately since I started last month but today I will make sure to post plenty of articles for you guys to enjoy! So starting first, I wanna talk about "Tommy heavenly6"!

Tommy heavenly6 is a mixture of pop, alternative rock, punk, etc. The singer is Tomoko Kawase (which I will soon do a celebrity article on soon!). She is part of a J-rock band called "The Brilliant Green". But, when it comes to singing solo, she has her own thing called Tommy heavenly6.

There is not much I can really say about Tommy heavenly6 since their isn't much information I can find about it. But what I can say is that many songs from Tommy heavenly6 has been on many animes. It has been on Soul Eater, Bakuman, Shugo Chara, Bleach, Yu-Gi-Oh, Gintama, etc!! Also, here is the girl herself Tomoko Kawase~!!

And now, I will show you guys a couple of her songs from Tommy heavenly6!! Also my opinion about her music is that her music is very similar to the Western music from Avril Lavigne and Paramore so, if you love that type of music like I do, you will surely love Tommy heavenly6!!

                                                                       "RUBY EYES"

                                                               "Monochrome Rainbow"

Well, thank you guys for checking out this article about Tommy heavenly6!! I will still be posting more articles today!! Also, don't forget to follow Liv N' Luv Japan on Twitter @LivNLuvJP !!

And if you have any questions, comments or requests...feel free to comment below and/or email me at !! ^_^