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Thursday, August 22, 2013

愛川こずえ ! ! !

Hello Everyone~! Today, I will talk about a famous dancer, 愛川こずえ (Aikawa Kozue) ! You guys may know her from Danceroid, YouTube, and NicoNicoDouga~! ^_^

Name: 愛川こずえ (Aikawa Kozue)

Birthday: October 25, 1991 (Age:21)

Blood Type: A

Member of Danceroid (2009-2012)

愛川こずえ (Aikawa Kozue) is a famous Japanese dance idol. She has first started when she started posting videos on YouTube and started to get known for her well dancing and ended up getting more than 10 million videos on her personal YouTube channel. Soon, she had become a member of DANCEROID in 2009 with Ikura and Minka Lee. On that year of December 29th, DANCEROID had released their self-titled debut DVD. Soon, when 2010 came, Minka Lee had left the group and Coco, Maam and Yuzuki had won the auditions and became new members of DANCEROID. Then, as soon as Coco left the group, DANCEROID had became a quartet.

愛川こずえ (Aikawa Kozue) was starred as the clumsy cafe maid Kozu Kozu in the Super Sentai parody series Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger in 2012. Soon sadly, 愛川こずえ (Aikawa Kozue) announced that she will be leaving the group DANCEROID at the end of August but, it was because of her physical conditions and it was making it hard to participate in DANCEROID activities. Spetember 1st, 2012, 愛川こずえ (Aikawa Kozue) officially graduated from DANCEROID in front of a live performance in Roppongi, Tokyo at Nicofarre. This was also broadcast on NicoNicoDouga.

After 愛川こずえ (Aikawa Kozue) graduated, Ikura was the only member left and so, DANCEROID had started to held auditions for the 3rd generation of DANCEROID.

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