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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Basic Japanese

Hello everyone~! Today, I will be teaching you guys basic Japanese! This is for everyone but mostly for people who are just now studying Japanese or don't know a single word or phrase of Japanese. Today, I will help you guys with that now~! First, I will start with the basic greetings:
Good Morning-おはようございます (o-ha-yo go-za-i-mas)
Hello-こんにちは (kon-ni-chee-wah)
Good Evening-こんばんは (kon-ban-wah)
Good Night- おやすみなさい (o-ya-soo-mee-na-sa-ee)
These phrases are used when greeting people during the morning,noon,evening and night. 
Now, here are the phrases to ask for your conversational partner name, age, how he/she is, etc. 
What is your name?- お名前は何ですか?(o-na-ma-e-wah-nan-des-ka) To reply back say, 私の名前は_______です。(wa-ta-shee no na-ma-e wah ______ des). Or you can simply say, _______です。(______des)
How old are you?- お幾つ何ですか?(o-i-ku-tsu-nan-des-ka) 
You can also say 何際ですか?(nan-sa-ee-des-ka) which is informal. So , you can use informal style when talking to close friends, family and younger people. To reply back your age, say the number plus 際 (sai). For example, 14 years old- 十四際 (juu-yon-sa-ee)
How are you?- お元気ですか?(o-gen-kee-ka) You can also say, 元気?(gen-kee) when talking informally. And to reply that you are fine/good/well, say 元気です (gen-kee-des) or just 元気 (gen-kee). If you are not doing well, say 元気じゃない (gen-kee-ja-na-ee)
Now, I will teach you guys how to count from numbers 1-10
1 いち (ee-chee) 
2 に (nee)
3 さん (san)
4 よん or し (yon) or (shee) [Japanese native speakers never really say し because it is an unlucky number because it has the same pronunciation as the Japanese word death 死]
5 ご (go) 
6 ろく(roku)
7 なな or しち (na-na) or (shi-chi)
8 はち (ha-chee)
9 きゅ or く (kyu) or (ku)
10 じゅ (juu)
Well, that is it for today on Basic Japanese! I hope you guys enjoy this lesson on Japanese, and I will probably be making more lessons to help you guys learn and improve your Japanese~!