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Friday, September 6, 2013

Nintendo 3DS

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't posted a blog entry in such a long time!

Today, I will be talking about the Nintendo 3DS!

The Nintendo 3DS is a handheld 3 dimensional video game console!

Here are the things that make the Nintendo 3DS such a popular video game console:

  • 3D entertainment without glasses!
  • Games found no where else!
  • Access to Nintendo DS games!
  • 3D photos, plus more!
  • Built-in fun!
  • Downloadable games and so much more~! 

                                                                       3D SCREEN
The Nintendo 3DS system system opens up a whole new world of eye-popping gameplay possibilities . The stereoscopic 3D display of the upper screen gives objects within the game world a feeling of space and depth that extends far into the back of the screen. It become easier to see the position of characters and obstacles in the world, making many game experiences become more intuitive for all types of players.

                                                                  3D DEPTH SLIDER
A built-in 3D Depth Slider allows you to immediately adjust the intensity of the 3D settings on the Nintendo 3DS system to your liking. The 3D effect can also be turned down completely—all Nintendo 3DS games and applications can be played in 2D, and look better than any Nintendo handheld before it.

                                                 MOTION SENSOR & GYRO SENSOR
Portable play control reaches a new level with these amazing features, allowing for new & unique gameplay mechanics. A built-in motion sensor and gyro sensor can react to the motion and tilt of the system, so whether players are twisting their systems side to side or moving them up and down, their motion-compatible Nintendo 3DS games respond instantly.

                                                                 ANALOG CONTROL
With the Circle Pad, located above the + Control Pad, Nintendo 3DS offers full analog control in 3D game worlds. Combined with the touch screen, traditional buttons, camera and microphone input, and advanced motion control of the Motion Sensor and Gyro Sensor, the potential is extraordinary.


                                                                       3D CAMERA
The Nintendo 3DS system uses its two outer cameras to see the world in 3D, much like the human eye. This allows for the creation of 3D photos, 3D video, and even 3D stop-motion animations, that make for an eye-popping addition to your next photo op.

Social and wired like no Nintendo system before it, Nintendo 3DS brings fellow players together in exciting new ways with StreetPass communication. Set your Nintendo 3DS to Sleep Mode and carry it with you wherever you go to exchange game data like Mii™ characters, high scores, and custom characters with other users you pass on the street. You control what data you exchange, and you can exchange data for multiple games at once, making virtual connections with real world people you encounter in your daily life.

I hope you guys had loved the article about the Nintendo 3DS~! ^_^ Just to let you guys know, most of this information is off of the official Nintendo website! (click Nintendo to visit the official site for the 3DS).