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Saturday, August 17, 2013

New Song By: Juice=Juice~!

Hello Everyone~! You guys must probably know about the new single by Juice=Juice~! It has just came out today 8 hours ago and I want to be able to get you guys in the know~! ^_^

They have a new song out called "Romance On It's Way" and it is a really good song~! I have listened to all of their songs before but I will make sure to show you their newest one that just came out today!! ^_^

If you notice, there were actually 6 members but, I have heard one of the members have either been taken out or dropped out. But, this is their new song "Romance On It's Way"! ENJOY~! ^_^

Also, let me know your opinion on their new song and what you like and/or don't like about it~! ^_^