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Saturday, August 17, 2013


こんにちは!Hello everyone~! Today, I did said that my other post will be the last post of the day but, I have changed my mind! I think I will post a few more because I am obsessed with using my blog! hahaha~! Okay, I will be posting about: 踊ってみた!

踊ってみた (odotte mita) basically means "tried dancing". This is a very popular hobby in Japan and all over the world. Many people will upload videos of them dancing to a J-POP/Vocaloid song and post it on YouTube and NicoNicoDouga. There are over a million videos of 踊ってみた!  !  ! I have tried this before and it is very fun~! Many people will go really far making sure that there videos are over the top by editing a lot, cosplaying and dressing up like they usually do in the music video and everything else! I find this really interesting which makes it really fun to watch ^_^  I will show you guys a few videos of 踊ってみた !



These are really popular users and videos on the topic 踊ってみた !  !  ! ^_^

If you really enjoy these videos you can follow them on YouTube by using searching the username under the video you have watched. ^_^

Thank you for reading~!! ^_^