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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What Time Is It?! It's KimonoTime~!

Hey guys~! For all you guys who are big YouTuber fans and like to watch many Japanese things on YouTube such as anime, J-POP, NicoNicoDouga, Dance Covers, etc~! You guys probably know KimonoTime Channel on YouTube~!!

She is really popular on YouTube when it comes to Japanese things! And once you watch her videos, you can tell she really LOVES Japan~! And she is a really great cosplayer! Even though I don't know her in person, I have chatted with her before and I really look up to her and she really inspires me and motivates me. And without her, I couldn't be motivated and keep trying without giving up not once. She is the best~! She also owns her on blog with Blogger if you would like to check it out:

I really recommend you to check it out! ^^ It is great and she is really great when it comes to decorating and editing pictures, website layouts, and videos. ^^ 

Here are some more pictures of her:

She is the best~! ^^ And if you have an Instagram account, her Instagram is: kimonotime

Thank you for reading this you guys~!!! ^^