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Saturday, October 18, 2014

My Top 5 Blogs About Japan

Hello everyone! Welcome to Liv N' Luv Japan! It's been a while since I have posted a new article. I wanted to make sure that this blog stays fresh with new articles often so I came up with telling you guys my top 5 favorite blogs about Japan! ^_^

1. JapanBlogList

JapanBlogList is one of my favorite blogs because it's a blog with other blogs about Japan so it makes it really easy to find really good blogs that are Japan based. And the blog is really organized into different categories such as like you have your 'Japan-Related' blogs (which are my favorite), you have your blogs that a native Japanese person writes and post things that are Japan related and you have blogs by foreigners of Japan that are living there and writing about things that are Japan-Related. Also, I have dealt with the owner of this blog as well and his name is Jon Allen and he has submitted my blog onto his blog! Because of him, my blog is becoming more well known and scoring more views! Thanks Jon Allen!! Make sure you guys really check out his blog and follow on Twitter: @JapanBlogList

2. The Rising Sky

I really love this blog! It's so amazing and it has everything that you can think about such as Japan's traditional and pop culture such as it tells you about the country, this blog helps teach you the language and it has things about Japanese celebrities, J-Pop, Anime, etc!! And if you actually go to the site, the website design is so beautiful that it just makes you want to sit there and take your time exploring the site and read every single article. And you can find The Rising Sky on almost every type of social media. The blog is very organized and very modern. I highly recommend for you guys to check out this blog because you will love it as much as you love Liv N' Luv Japan!

3. 1000 Things About Japan

I really haven't done much reading on the blog "1000 Things About Japan" but, I think that it is a really great blog because it's about a foreigner in Japan and talking about their experiences and things you probably assumed about Japan. I think it's really interesting because the story articles are really interesting. I would recommend it if you're interested in knowing about travelling as a foreigner to Japan and get their point of view.

4. Tofugu

Now, Tofugu is an epic amazing and awesome blog! ^_^ And I also think that this blog is one of the most popular blogs about Japanese culture, language, music, foods, etc.! Also, Tofugu also haves a YouTube channel. His blog is one of my most favorite blogs and just reading his blogs and watching his videos really motivates me to do better for my own blog! ^_^ I highly recommend you to check out his blog!

5. - A Geek In Japan

Now, I don't know much about this blog but I just started reading about it today and I think that they post really interesting things and have so many articles and topics! I find that the way they have their blog set up is outstanding and they must be racking in tons of views! What's similar between Kirai and Liv N' Luv Japan is that both blogs post tons of things about Japanese pop culture more than anything else! ^_^ So I recommend it if you also enjoy Liv N' Luv Japan.

Well, that is it for this post for today! I tried to post something up for you guys because I know I haven't posted in such a long time and I thought maybe if I give you guys a list of my favorite blogs would be a nice and decent post. Also, I want to make an announcement that I will be doing the interview with NikkiHatsune and will post it on Liv N' Luv Japan soon! I will make sure that it will be posted before year 2015! ^_^

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Thank you guys for reading! ^_^