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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Support Liv N' Luv Japan With Artwork!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Liv N' Luv Japan! I know I haven't been posting in a while but that is because I have been so busy at school and I haven't had my laptop in two months now! So, I am just posting this because it is almost the end of the year of 2014 and Liv N' Luv Japan has finally reached more than 10,000+ views. So, I decided that we should support Liv N' Luv Japan by making our own artwork to represent it! Here is mine:

I'm so happy that my dad helped me by letting me use his phone so I can take a picture of my artwork! Here is my artwork that I had drawn to represent Liv N' Luv Japan! And I got the color ideas from my template which, would probably be changed by the year 2015 once I learn more about templates and designs so I can edit one of my own. So, this is what I would like you guys to do and I hope that many of you guys that are reading this now will participate!!!

I want you guys to draw a picture that represents Liv N' Luv Japan and you can take a picture of it with your phone, a camera, webcam, whatever you can use and send it to !! Once I notice that I have many that are being submitted, I will post all of your amazing drawings on Liv N' Luv Japan and it will also be used on Liv N' Luv Japan Twitter (@LivNLuvJP) and Liv N' Luv Japan Facebook page!!!

I am so excited that I actually get to do this because this was something I planned to do months and months ago!! Hopefully, it will be successful if everyone who reads my blog participates and maybe if I get many sent in then I will put all the pictures of the artwork together and make them a collage and that will be our new template for 2015!! Also I think I will make the deadline December 28th! I want to have a chance to write an article and show you guys artwork before the end of the year. ^_^