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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Celebrities: Kawase Tomoko (川瀬 智子)

Hello everyone! Welcome to Liv N' Luv Japan! Like I told you guys before on my article on the article about "Tommy heavenly6", I was going to do a celebrity category on Tomoko Kawase!! ^_^

                                  Name: Kawase Tomoko (married name: Okuda Tomoko)
                                    Stage Name(s): Tommy february6, Tommy heavenly6
                                                            Nickname: Tommy
                                                    Birthday: February 6th, 1975
                                                              Blood Type: B
                                                              Height: 161cm
                                                    Hometown: Kyoto, Japan

Now, time for some detailed information about Kawase Tomoko! Kawase Tomoko was originally the lead vocalist and lyricist of an alternative rock band called "The Brilliant Green". She was asked to join the band in 1995 after her now husband, Okuda Shunsaku, and Matsui Ryo heard her sing when she took part in a karaoke contest. And as the band's lyricist, she wrote songs and sung them in both Japanese and English. And in her videos, she speaks really great and clear English and she isn't even a native English speaker. Since the indefinite hiatus of "The Brilliant Green" she started doing more soloist music on her own so she came up with "Tommy february6" and "Tommy heavenly6".

And other than music, she is involved in other things as well.She writes songs for other singers. And she also once lent her voice to an anime called Piroppo as a character named Pikki. She also modeled for an Italian fashion house, Fiorucci, and for some time she hosted "Break Down", a show on MTV Japan.

She is also known for having an obsession with "Elmo", the red Sesame Street Muppet, Harry Potter, and more recently Pikachu from the anime Pokemon!

Now, more about "Tommy february6"!  Kawase Tomoko began developing the character of february6 way before her debut. The february6 persona is known for her geeky looks, theme of cheerleaders, strange habits, her librarian-esque glasses, and her innocent personality (portrayed in her lyrics)!! The name itself was inspired by her birthday.

Here is a song from "Tommy february6":


Now, about "Tommy heavenly6" which many of you that read my blog probably read an article about it before! Now, Tommy heavenly6 is meant to be the dark side and the alter-ego of Tommy february6. This one is released under "heavenly6". It is pop rock based and features Tommy as a more sophisticated and a classy person. Tommy heavenly6 is obessed with her image, and almost parodies modern culture in a way. Her persona loves reality shows, alcohol, and junk food.

That is also all what I have to say about Tommy heavenly6 so now I will show you guys a song from Tommy heavenly6:

                                                             CAN YOU HEAR ME?

And before I end this article, here is her in the alternative rock band "The Brilliant Green"!!

                                           THE BRILLIANT GREEN - A LITTLE WORLD

Well, that is all I have to write about on Kawase Tomoko! Thank you guys for reading! I will make sure to post more and more! ^_^ Thank you! And don't forget to comment and follow and tweet @LivNLuvJP and email me at !! ^_^