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Thursday, August 3, 2017



How did PPAP came to be?

Daimaou Kosaka, a comedian and recording artist who portrayed the character in PPAP named Pikotaro, was sitting at home one day, with a pen in hand, coming up with lyrics for a song. While brainstorming he thought about his background such as how he lives in a region that's known for producing apples, the Aomori Prefecture. Nearby him, he had a can of!!!

It took around $1,000 to make the music video for PPAP. The video was launched on YouTube August 25th, 2016 and became viral because of it's silly lyrics, catchy beat, and funky and crazy randomness. 

PPAP has been claimed as the new Gangnam Style and has been on Japan Hot 100 charts at number one.

I wonder what else will await the internet from Pikotaro! Feel free to leave a comment down below on your opinions on PPAP!