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Saturday, September 13, 2014


Hello everyone! Welcome to Liv N' Luv Japan! I have some very exciting news for you guys and I will also introduce you to a very creative and amazing blog! I shall start from the beginning! A month ago or more I went on Google to check out other blogs that are Japan-related to give myself ideas and motivate myself to work on my blog more. Soon, I ran across a blog called JapanBlogList. I thought it was very interesting because it's a blog with about blogs that are Japan-related. Such as you can have a blog and you're a foreigner in Japan or you can be a Japanese person in Japan that blogs about Japan, etc. (Liv N' Luv Japan is Japan-related.)


Soon, I realized that you can submit your blog by sending an email with your blog name, URL, and category. I sent it out a month ago like, the middle of August. I was really unsure and doubting myself that my blog would be accepted . Soon, I was so focused in school that I forgot I even submitted my blog! The only reason why I remembered was because of when I was check Liv N' Luv Japan Twitter, I happened to notice JapanBlogList followed me, then it all came to me. So, I was rushing to check my email and soon I realized I have been accepted!!! Here is the email that have been sent:

Hi Keyatta

Welcome to the JapanBlogList.  Thank you for your submission,
your blog has now been added.

I rarely provide any comments to the bloggers that submit their blogs, 
but after I read some of your blog entries I thought I'd offer a little encouragement 
and advice. 

I first started my own blog about eight years ago when blogging was way 
more popular than in it is now.
As you have discovered it takes a huge amount of time and effort 
to build up and maintain a blog.I admire your determination and
you have obviously done a great job to build up the content
and followers. 

A good way to build up more followers is to have a blog roll on your blog of other blogs you read. 
Follow other bloggers, comment on their blogs, and do posts that include
links back other people's blogs. It builds up a community spirit and increases 
the chances of reaching more potential readers. 
Check out some of the other blogs from my list with similar interests and see what
they are talking about and join in. 

I have been maintaining this list for over four years now, the number of new
blogs being submitted has been slowly declining ever since then. 
I used to have 15 to 20 new blogs submitted every month. 
Now it's less than one per week. ( I have literally had 4 submissions this month) . 

So good job, keep up the good work and wish you luck with your ambition. 

We welcome a link back to the site :
if it's not too much trouble.


Jon Allen
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I was so happy when I realized that Liv N' Luv Japan was submitted. I submitted Liv N' Luv Japan because I wanted my blog to be out there with all the other blogs that are very successful and I wanted more people to check out my blog and notice it and appreciate all the hard work that I have been putting into it. And I was so happy when I read this that I actually printed myself a copy! So, the reason why I am posting this on Liv N' Luv Japan because I wanted you guys to see all the hard work I have been doing and I wanted to support JapanBlogList and show them that I really appreciate for what they have done and how they helped Liv N' Luv Japan by a lot!! ^_^

So thank you guys for reading this article! Don't forget to follow and tweet to @LivNLuvJP and make sure you also follow and tweet to JapanBlogList to @JapanBlogList! Also make sure you guys email me at! ^_^