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Thursday, July 11, 2013

About Me~! について私は〜!

はじめまして!(Nice to meet you!) My name is Keyatta and I am the owner of this blog. I am 14 years old and from the USA/America. I have been interested in Japan for about 4 years. I have always been interested in Anime such as Pokémon and Beyblade when I was younger (and I still love it now!) but back then, I didn't really know much about Japan and I didn't know that anime is Japanese. As soon as I founded out that it was Japanese, I got interested in reading manga. My first manga was "Hot Gimmick", it was very interesting and was stuff like romance and drama mostly. Soon, I wanted to know more about Japan so, I started discovering even more better things the Japanese own and invented ! There were things I didn't know that could even exist !!

Sooner, I began to be highly addicted to Japan that I dedicated most of my time to study the Japanese language and culture. I'm planning to be an exchange student in Japan. I have been studying Japanese for around 3 1/2 years, now going on 4 years !! (^^) I want to be an international journalist and work around the world writing stories and articles about what is going on in the world. That is why I started this blog and I wanted to share my interest and knowledge about Japan to the people who know not too much about Japan, to people who are studying about Japan, to the people worldwide, ANYONE !! I hope you enjoy my blog~! ^^