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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Cherry Blossoms Blossoming in Japan !

Hello and welcome to Liv N' Luv Japan ! You know what time it is?! Time for the Cherry Blossom trees to bloom in Japan ! In April, it is the most perfect time for Cherry Blossom (or known as "Sakura" Trees) to bloom. In my opinion, Cherry Blossoms are my most favorite plant in the world because it has such a beautiful shade of pink to it and the bark of the tree is really dark most times so the colors are perfect for the spring! It is also special to me because my birthday is in April (April 16th) ! (^_^)

I just love Sakura trees ! I don't think I had ever seen a Sakura tree in person before but if I ever do, I want to see while in Japan! Especially in the traditional cities and towns in Japan would just be absolutely perfect! In Japan, there is also a festival to celebrate the Cherry Blossom trees known in Japan as 全米桜祭り(Zenbei Sakura Matsuri)

It is celebrated in Washington D.C. as well commemorating the March 27, 1912, gift of the Japanese cherry trees from Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo City. Yukio Ozaki donated the trees in an effort to enhance the growing friendship between the United States and Japan.

                                                                    YUKIO OZAKI

Thank you everyone for reading today on about the Cherry Blossoms in Japan ! ! ^_^